A common way couples try to save some money is to do the planning themselves. Planning a wedding is much more work than anyone could ever think. It is like having another part-time job on top of your regular one. We always recommend hiring a professional planner, but if you want to do it yourself here are some times it would be beneficial to take off work.

Marriage License Day

Getting your marriage license doesn't take all day, but take one anyways. Spend the time with your fiancé to do something romantic to celebrate getting this major task checked off the list!

Dress and Tux Shopping

Shopping for the dress and tux will take time, a lot of it. You will likely visit multiple stores and try on countless dresses and tuxes. Most couples shop during the weekend. If you take a weekday off to do the shopping you will have a much better experience.

Last Hurrah!

Even though most bachelor and bachelorette parties are held on the weekend you still may want to take the day before or after off. If you are traveling take the day before off to pack and get ready to leave. If you are staying local take the day after off to give you time to recover!

The Day Before

This may go without saying, but take off the day before your wedding. There will be last-minute details to attend to, like spending time with family that traveled in to town.

The Day After

Even if you aren't leaving for your honeymoon immediately consider taking the Monday after your wedding off. Take that time to unwrap the gifts, write Thank You cards, and just enjoy the free time.



    Josh has been a DJ in the St. Louis area for 22 years. In this blog he offers tips and ideas to help you plan your amazing event!
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