While planning your wedding you should take some consideration into what your guests want along with what you want to make the day unique to you and your style.

We found an article on honeybrides.com that we think is spot on from a guest's point-of-view!

Here's the summary:

What's important to guests is
  1. Food and drinks
  2. MUSIC!
  3. Seating chart
  4. Venue
  5. Speeches
What's not important to guests is
  1. The cake
  2. The dress
  3. Flowers and décor
  4. The first dance
  5. Photos

Some items on the second list might be a surprise and may even go contrary to what you think is most important. That is because this is all from a guest's perspective. Even so, you should take it into consideration when figuring out your budget.

Since we are a company that provides music for your wedding day we can't help but point out that music is #2 on the list of what is important to your guests. Other surveys and articles over the past few decades have consistently listed music or entertainment as very important to guests.

We always say the entertainment will be what your guests will talk about for a long time. Please consider that when decided who your entertainment will be.

If you want to read more detail the article is available here.

Thanks for reading!
We love non-traditional couples. After all, we are excited to be the official DJ for Pride St. Charles! There is one tradition that does seem to be keeping its foothold, the bride taking the groom's last name. We've noticed that changing, so here are some alternatives to taking his last name! 


Probably the most popular alternative is to hyphenate the two names. It's simple and elegant and allows everyone to keep their family name.

Make a Mashup

Have some fun and take parts of your last names and mash them up to create an entirely new name!

Change Your Middle Name

If you really love your last name and want to keep it, you may consider making your given last name your middle name. That will help you stay connected to your past while celebrating your future.

Keep Your Name Professionally

If you are career minded and have earned your success with your current last name you can keep it for your profession. Professionals like relators and doctors do it all the time.

He Takes Her Last Name

Traditionally the female takes the male's last name. It's almost 2017 so it shouldn't be that radical for the male to take the female's name. LGBT couples can negotiate who will change their name, if at all.

Make Something Up

Why not go crazy and just make up a new name for both of you to take? You can even go all out and design a new family crest!

Do Nothing

Don't forget doing nothing at all is definitely an option. There is no law that says anyone has to change their name after getting married!



    Josh has been a DJ in the St. Louis area for 22 years. In this blog he offers tips and ideas to help you plan your amazing event!
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