It is very common to have divorced or separated parents at a wedding these days. Even so, many couples worry about how to keep everyone happy during their big day. Here are some tips to keep the peace.

 Ceremony Presentation of Flowers

When presenting flowers to parents you should give flowers to the stepparents as well. Make sure the flowers you give are the same to everyone. This will help keep any jealousy at bay.

Parent's Processional

The groom can walk both their mother and stepmother down the isle. If the groom does not want to escort the stepmother find someone special in her life to escort her.

Unity Ceremony

It is important to include all parents in the unity ceremony. If you are doing a candle, that means all of the go up to light the side candles.

Spotlight Procession

If the bride or groom are being escorted down the isle both the parent and stepparent should be included. The parents can split the duty with one escorting half-way and then turing over the escorting duties to the second parent. If the isle is wide enough both can walk down the isle in its entirety.

Reception Introductions

If you choose to introduce the parents with the wedding party it should be all or nothing. The current trend is to not introduce the parents, so this may be the easiest decision to make.

Welcome Toast

Sometimes the newlywed couple prefers to welcome everyone to their reception with a toast. Make sure you include all of the parents in your toasts, even if it is a simple "Thank you!".

Parent's DanceThis is where it can get complicated. The simplest solution is to not do the parents dance. If parents insist on having one I would suggest having all the parents on the dance floor at one time and you choose the song they dance to. Make sure the song is as neutral to the parents as possible.



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