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Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor ceremonies have always been popular in the St. Louis area. If they are small enough they can be a very simple and affordable alternative to a church ceremony. If you are inviting more than 30 guests to the ceremony you should consider hiring a professional to provide sound. Without this your guests may not be able to hear the officiant, readers, or the vows. River City DJ has handheld or clip-on wireless microphones included in our ceremony package. We include setup, teardown, and an experienced operator that will play your specific music at the right times to make sure your ceremony goes flawlessly.

Outdoor Receptions

We've noticed more brides are thinking about outdoor wedding receptions. You can find articles online about the unique challenges of an outdoor wedding reception but we want to highlight what needs to be thought about specifically for the entertainment.

Here are a few things you should ask:

  1. Is your sound system powerful enough for an outdoor venue? - A sound system that is good enough for even the largest indoor spaces may not be adequate for outdoors. It takes a much more powerful system to provide music at the same level outdoors compared to indoors. River City DJ has a system that can handle large outdoor venues with full-range sound including the bass notes.
  2. Do you have the right kind of dance floor lighting for an outdoor venue? - Outdoor venues require some different lighting than indoor spaces. At indoor venues the lighting can bounce off the ceiling to help illuminate the dance floor. That isn't possible at outdoor weddings. Even if there is a tent, the ceiling of the tent is usually much higher than in a ballroom. Our lighting system is able to grow to accommodate large outdoor spaces.
  3. How much electrical power do you need? - A professional band or DJ can tell you exactly the amount and type of power they need. This is very helpful information when renting a entertainment generator. For instance, our largest package uses two 20-amp 120-volt circuits to power our lights and sound system. A band can end up using even more!
  4. Are you prepared for gusty winds or other inclimate weather? - Having a tent to cover the dining and dancing areas is always the best way to go. Removable sides that can be quickly deployed is a great option, just in case. Make sure the entertainment has quality speaker and light stands that will not tip over in gusty winds. Our stands are the best available and if gusty winds are predicted we will add additional precautions to ensure nothing tips over.


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