Weddings are all about traditions. Even the reception will have some traditions. While some are fading out over time, some are still going strong. Here are some ideas for your reception.

First Dance

Many couples choose to do a traditional slow song as their first dance at their wedding reception. Doing something unique will help entertain your guests and get them excited to start dancing.

Having a pre-rehearsed first dance is a great way to get the energy built-up early in the night. When your guests see you doing something other than a slow sway they get excited about joining in the fun. This will require an additional time commitment on behalf of you and your fiancé but it just might be worth it.

Another option is to choose an upbeat song that isn't something you would normally slow-dance to. This could be as easy as picking your favorite song to play as you and your spouse cut loose on the dance floor and let the celebration begin. As your friends and family watch your display of happiness they will be eager to join in!

Giving Flowers the Toss?

While still very common, the bouquet toss isn't as popular as it used to be. This is even more true for the garter toss which is seen even less.

If you are having a smaller wedding or want more dancing time you may consider not doing the tosses at all. Typically they only take up 10 minutes or so but that is still two or three songs that everyone could otherwise dance to.

Dance for Cash?

This is one tradition that has really been on the decline in the last few decades. In fact, we see it in less than a quarter of the receptions we DJ.

If the dollar dance is something you had you heart set on doing we suggest you keep it to just a few songs to entice people to get in line early. Don't forget to include the Groom! We have seen the him get more money than the Bride!



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