It is very important to ask your DJ or band how they work with other vendors at your reception. It is especially important for the DJ or band to work closely with the photographer and videographer. If not, you will likely have some important moments at your reception not captured on film. In this newsletter we are going to talk about how we work with other vendors at your wedding.

Wedding Planners

If you have hired a professional wedding planner they will most likely handle everything we are going to talk about below.  We are always happy to work with any planner you have during the reception, however, If you don't have one, those duties typically fall to the DJ/MC. Make sure your DJ can handle those duties as it can make a big difference in capturing your enjoyment of the night.


For most couples, choosing the photographer was one of the most important decisions for your wedding. You probably picked them because you liked the work they showed you. It takes teamwork to make sure they can get all those great photographs. We make sure we keep the photographer in the loop so they know when important events such as the toasts, first dance, tosses, etc., are going to happen. That way they are prepared with their lights and cameras ready to capture those moments. We are also conscious of the impactt our dance floor lighting has on their photographs. During the formal dances we typically do not use much lighting. This prevents dots of colored light on the photograph subjects, like you and your spouse.


Everything we do with the photographer we do with the videographer, with one additional thing, and it's a BIG one. We allow the videographer to connect their audio recording devices to the DJ system. That means they will have crystal clear audio of the toasts, announcements, and music! This can make a huge difference in the quality of the final video. Feel free to have your videographer contact us before the big day so we can make sure all the technical details are handled.


It might sound odd that the DJ would need to work with the caterers, but it happens at almost every reception. We work with them to time the opening of the buffet or setting of salads. We have also been known to go table-to-table to release guests to the buffet. This prevents a rush on the buffet and ensures the wedding party and immediate family gets their food first.



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