Tips for the Groom


Typically, wedding tips are directed towards the bride. We wanted to give some tips for the Groom for the week before the wedding day.

Find the Right Suit

Whether it be a tux or a suit you want to find one that fits the theme of the wedding. If you are having a more formal affair you should lean towards a tux, otherwise a nice suit is fine. The bonus to a suit is you can wear it again!

Get Accessorized

Finding the right tie, pocket square, socks, and cuff links can make or break a suit or tux. Take some time to find something that fits your style and the theme of the wedding.

Get a Trim

Get a haircut the week before the wedding. Don't wait until the day before. If the trim is too short you want time for it to grow out.

Hire a Cleaning Service

The week before your wedding will be very busy. Hire a cleaning service for your house. It will be a nice break with everything else going on that week. Plus you will come home from the big day to a nice clean house!

Go Dancing!

Have a night out dancing with your spouse-to-be. It will help you both relax and you can practice those sic dance moves you are going to break out at the reception!

Plan Something Special

It doesn't even have to be anything you spend money on. Something thoughtful like a letter and champagne will help make a special day even more magical. Just make sure the delivery arrives at the perfect time on your wedding day.

Say "I Love You"

Leave little notes everywhere, on the fridge, in her car, at her work. Say it in-person, say it in texts, say it everywhere. This is the time to be romantic, cheesy even!

Work on Your Vows

Start writing your vows. It doesn't matter if you hand-write them or put them in your phone. If you already have them written you need to practice. It will be much less awkward if you have them memorized, even partially.

Plan the Rehearsal Dinner

Taking this off your fiancé's plate will lessen the stress greatly! Make sure the officiant, family, and wedding party all know the plan.

Seduce Your Fiancé!

Remind them how much you love them and keep the fire burning. The stress of the week before can dampen even the hottest fire.

From Josh & Heather

Usually the bride takes on the majority of the stress from planning. Taking some of that stress away will make a big difference on the wedding day! Keep them happy and the day will go great!



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    Josh has been a DJ in the St. Louis area for 22 years. In this blog he offers tips and ideas to help you plan your amazing event!
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